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Listing, review of flow related devices for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Water and other fluids are essential for all living organisms, and flow regulating devices are an essential part of life.
Some of the fluid flow , flow control, regulating, measurement devices are
Tubes, Hoses
Level measuring devices
Water storage tank
Pump controllers
Water purification
Other related fluid, flow measurement devices
Taps, faucets
There are wide range of the above products for different applications like domestic, commercial, food grade, industrial, material like plastic - PP, PVC, HDPE, cement, Cast iron, stainless steel, titanium, mild steel. The rating of these products will also depend on the expected flow volume and other liquid properties like how corrosive the liquid will be.
Manufacturers, suppliers, innovators providing any flow related product can send their product details, with specifications, for a free listing on the website. Specifically interested in water pumps for residential use, for pumping water from the ground water tank to the overhead water tank for houses and building complexes. Please send details to info@webconcepts.in and websites@useful.in
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